Our Story

On-Demand R&D Department

Your company has a new idea or a vision for a unique and novel product, device or technology. R2FACT has the research, design and engineering expertise for high quality prototyping and manufacturing.

From Idea to Delivery, R2FACT propels the Product Idea through all phases of Design Thinking including Idea Screening, User Research, Problem Definition, Concept Generation, Industrial Design, Product Engineering, Prototyping, Testing and Manufacturing.

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach that addresses the core needs of the product’s user to create a comprehensive product solution that improves the user experience.

Our highly skilled design and engineering professionals utilize high quality 3D printing and rapid prototyping processes. Design for manufacture from the start will streamline your path to successful commercialization, which in turn will swiftly create memorable experiences for your customers.

R2FACT will help your business create, succeed and grow.

Creating Product Lines. Creating Experiences.