Why Design for Manufacturing Matters

Design For Manufacturing

“Tom, this is Bob with R2 Manufacturing, we have a problem. I can’t move forward until we talk.”

This is a call you do not want to get. And this is why when you design a product, Design for Manufacturing DOES matter. After much thought and research, you now have an idea for a new product to add to your product line. What’s next? Finding the right company to help you design and develop it for manufacturing takes time, but worth every last cent and this is why.

When Industrial Designers and Product Engineers look at your product idea, they’re already thinking about the end product and how it’s made, asking how can this be designed for high volume manufacturing with no problems?

Looking at competitive products, tech trends and customer specifications, not to mention budget, great designers and engineers will create a design for your product that not only looks sleek aesthetically, but can be produced without issues when it comes to manufacturing. Refining designs with experience in various materials and processes, creating specification drawings that are precise down to the very last screw hole and wall draft while working with prototype iterations are the details that keep you from getting the call; “Tom we have a problem“. Problems during manufacturing are more likely to occur when the development of the product is not designed for manufacturing. All the factors that need to be considered for manufacturing come from experience and knowledge of the product development process. Design for Manufacturing does matter so that problems during manufacturing can be avoided.

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design” – Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO Jaguar

Angie Pope

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