30 Day Pill Cutter Helps You Cut a Whole Month’s Worth of Pills In Half

R2FACT congratulates our customer Dr. Puthalath Raghuprasad on the success of his 30 Day Pill Cutter soon to be available for purchase on line. The 30 Day Pill Cutter allows the user to cut 16 pills in half for a whole month’s supply of pills by pressing down on the top of the lid. With an innovative pill pocket design, the 30 Day Pill Cutter is designed to center and cut round, oval, and caplet shaped pills. From Idea to Delivery, Dr. Puthalath Raghuprasad’s 30 Day Pill Cutter was designed, engineered, prototyped and manufactured with R2FACT. Look for the 30 Day Pill Cutter when it officially launches at www.30daypillcutter.com.

Posted in: American Innovation, Product Development