Tapping the Patent Attorney Network

Jeanne Bojarski Comments are off

For the sixth year in a row R2FACT is co-sponsoring the the Kansas Bar Association’s Intellectual Property (IP) continuing education conference. Patent attorneys wanting to stay current on the laws come for presentations based on the latest case rulings, including Supreme Court decisions.  R2FACT is there to make connections with experts who can help you make the right decisions about patent searches and patentability investigations.

IP services can be important in safeguarding your investment in product development. The last thing you want after going through the process of perfecting your product idea is to be hit by a patent infringement suit.  The relationships we have formed through our continuing sponsorship of this annual IP event let us steer you in the right direction for legal advice.

Networking is a two-way street. R2FACT’s presence at the event is a chance to let attorneys know about the services we can offer their IP clients.  We share their goal of helping get product ideas off the drawing board and onto the shelves.

R2FACT offers a full range of product development assistance, from research and design to engineering, prototyping and manufacturing.  We can provide advice on such issues as whether to license a product or sell it directly and compare the costs of manufacturing in Asia vs. the US.  Referring you to the right legal experts at the right time is just part of what we do to help develop your original idea into ready-to-market form.

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