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Industrial Design

14 Apr 2009 R2FACT 0 Comment
Industrial Design (ID) is many things yet it all depends on who you ask, what industry they are in and what country they are from. ID is the heart and brain of Product Development and Industrial Design, if done concurrently with the entire development process along with marketing and sales, will lead to the purest […]
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16 Feb 2009 R2FACT 0 Comment
Every product has competition. Whether direct or indirect competition is found or determined, all data will help allow us to define the problems associated with your product. Knowing all the competition will also help identify the solutions in the open spaces in the market prior to putting anything on paper or on computer. Even if […]
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Intellectual Property

15 Jan 2009 R2FACT 0 Comment
Infringing on another product must be avoided. If your Product Idea is found thru a Patent Search, yet you still want to continue, a Patent Infringement analysis may be recommended. See an attorney! The absolute worst scenario is that you spend thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a product and go to […]
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