From Idea to Delivery

Manufacturing – how it’s made

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Testing – how it’s refined

Testing your product is extremely important and can make you or break you. All it takes is one missing item or one failed part and all can be a complete loss. R2FACT has the attention to detail needed to solve big or small problems, and problems will occur. It takes constant attention and dedication to detail with repeated oversight in the prototyping stage of all product development.

Testing can be expensive and time consuming, but it is essential before going to market. Full fledged user testing in an actual environment the product will be used is critical to assuring your defect rate remains below acceptable levels.

R2FACT has a network of material and functional testing laboratories that will certify the product to be ETL, UL and or CE approved. R2FACT can manage it all, and with this data, assure our customers that the Specifications Package for Manufacturing is 100% accurate.

Testing products

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