From Idea to Delivery


It is necessary to have full product specifications and or a prototype before R2FACT engages a factory for samples. If a product has not been fully designed and engineered, engaging a factory for a sample is premature and will cause delays and confusion.

Sampling product may have fees, however, if a manufacturing order is to occur, often times more than not, the sample charges will be waved and charges will only be for shipping.

To engage R2FACT in sampling services, fees range from $500-$1000 depending on the complexity and stage of development.

It is next to impossible to source and sample a product to where the factory gets it right the first round. Expect at least two, three or more rounds before all is correct. This process is normal when dealing with manufacturing off-shore or even in the United States. Shipping can get pricy, therefore, defining the specifications, assembly criteria and critical materials requirements correctly is what R2FACT does well for our customers.

Packaging can often be the bottle neck and can throw pricing off. Understanding exactly how the product is to be merchandized will streamline the quoting and sampling process. Once a final packaged sample is quoted and approved, Tooling can begin.

Product development -circuit board