From Idea to Delivery

Quoting & Terms

R2FACT will buy directly from the factory or at times, through their rep or our contract Agents. This varies according to whether or not the source’s project manager can speak and email in English. Often times more than not, having our Agents in the loop does warrant their involvement for quality control and communications.

Source Quotes are acquired with two to three different factories in different regions to compare pricing. From the selected quote, the sampling process can begin.

Terms are generally a 50/50 contract for new products. A 50% deposit for product is required with purchase order and the remaining 50% is due upon shipment. It is often possible when working with our established relationships to work from a 30/40/30 arrangement. A 30% deposit for product is required with purchase order, 40% is due upon shipment and remaining 30% is due upon receipt in the US. All is negotiable and varies according to order volume and frequency of orders. Less than container loads (LCL) or 20′ or 40′ containers are the options.

quoting and terms