From Idea to Delivery


R2FACT works with each factory under the strictest confidentiality. Both a non-disclosure and a non-compete are signed by our factories, agents and reps. Whether it is China, Taiwan or the United States, prototype specifications and product drawings will legally remain the ownership of the customer.

All documents and drawings will notate the companies name and address. Our factories, agents and reps uphold their responsibilities.

When sourcing, confidentiality is critical when an item is not yet patented. We operate under several guidelines that enable us to ensure our customers have peace of mind their projects remain confidential.

  1. Not disclosing details of the entire product in its application can be accomplished by sending only pieces of product to each factory involved.
  2. We have associates in Taiwan and China, so we are able to verify manufactures are adhering to strict guidelines and restrictions.
  3. We recommend embossing product name and or logo into the Tooling so plastic parts denote who is the customer.
confidentiiality handshake