In LOWES® stores now – Garden Weasel Tools

Garden Weasel launched five new Garden tools in LOWES® stores nationwide in March, 2013.

The collaborative Team including R2FACT Product Development, Garden Weasel, Lundmark Advertising and the GW Factory in Taiwan, designed, engineered, prototyped and manufactured five new Garden tools. Four of the five Tools are now merchandised in a permanent Retail Fixture in over 1700 LOWES® stores nationwide. The Rack is located in the Garden Center or Promo alley at the entrance to the store. The fifth Tool will be in stores this fall. All five will replace the existing brand name tools and will also be hanging in the steel bay in the Garden Tool Isle.

Garden Weasel was in Lowes and all other mass big box stores such as Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, K-Mart, etc. up until 2006 when Patents expired. As this occurred, many other tool brands knocked them off and made copycat products in there category. After six long years, we’ve remained in Sears and many other Hardware and Lawn and Garden Centers yet, we’re back in Lowes!  It took a major collaborative effort with serious competitive analysis, extensive consumer testing, new designs and new technical innovations in materials and processes to allow Garden Weasel to once again file patents on their products and land a national account.

See below photos for product descriptions. Visit for more product details.

Garden Weasel tools at Lowes

left to right: Garden Weasel, Weasel Claw Pro, Weasel Edger-Chopper, Weasel Weedpopper Step & Twist, Weasel Nut Gatherer


Garden Weasel tools

Garden Weasel tool rack at Lowes

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