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Benefits of 3D Scanning

13 Dec 2017 R2FACT 0 Comment
As an Industrial Designer the efficiency and accuracy of measuring an object with complex shapes, angles, and curves is always a challenge in the beginning stages of CAD design and development. Whether it’s updating an existing product that only exists as a physical prototype or wanting to insure purchased hardware (screws, springs, hinges, etc.) are […]
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Eco Friendly 3D Printing

20 May 2017 R2FACT 0 Comment
Rapid prototyping through the use of 3d printers is a great method of creating plastic parts but how environmentally friendly can this process be? It all depends on the plastic material being extruded from the printer. The most common plastics used in consumer 3D printers are ABS, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and PLA, polylactic acid. PLA […]
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How Much and How Long Will it Cost Me to Develop My Idea?

20 Jan 2017 R2FACT 0 Comment
When it comes to product development, that’s the million dollar question.  While in almost anything else you might purchase, you can look at a price tag and know exactly what it will cost Product development is not that simple, even for the simplest of products. Let’s start with cost.  How much will it cost to […]
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Why Design for Manufacturing Matters

20 Sep 2016 R2FACT 0 Comment
“Tom, this is Bob with R2 Manufacturing, we have a problem. I can’t move forward until we talk.” This is a call you do not want to get. And this is why when you design a product, Design for Manufacturing DOES matter. After much thought and research, you now have an idea for a new […]
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Apple’s Key to Product Innovation

01 Dec 2015 Jeanne Bojarski 0 Comment
Steve Wozniak aka The Woz is a genius at engineering. He is also a very funny person, although he was incredibly shy in his early years. I guess becoming a founder of the most successful technology company in the world has pushed him beyond reticence into joking about how it all happened. His talk at […]
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Which Comes First, the Patent Attorney or the Designer?

02 Oct 2015 Steve Pope 0 Comment
The “eureka” moment of invention has spawned many clichés: flash of genius, inspiration, light bulb effect, spark of innovation. Whatever you call it, the person who has the brilliant idea typically starts thinking, “Should I patent it? I need to go see a patent attorney and find out how to protect my property.” We at […]
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New Product Evaluation

15 Mar 2009 R2FACT 0 Comment
Having your New Product Idea evaluated by a non-biased third party is highly recommended. The WIN Institute’s Invention Evaluation is the ticket. There are two benefits to submitting the Invention Idea to WIN. The Individual will have disclosed their idea confidentially to a third party/organization which will aid in formally documenting the date of conception […]
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