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Kansas City, a Pioneering Spirit

14 Jun 2012 R2FACT 0 Comment
Kansas City has been a crossroads, both literally and figuratively from the get-go. The first European settlement, a permanent trading post, was established in 1821 by a French trapper named Chouteau. This settlement, which Chouteau called “The Village of the Kansas,” was the first step in a long line of rough and tumble visionaries who […]
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Competition is a Good Thing

02 Sep 2011 R2FACT 0 Comment
Competition is a good thing. Especially the so called, “never been seen before”. Finding someone else on the internet selling “your product” may not be as bad as it seems. Yes at first, your stomach drops and you can’t help but think you have wasted much of your time and money. But let’s face the facts. Most […]
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06 Jul 2009 R2FACT 0 Comment
Virtual Prototype is another form one may want to consider as a preliminary step to the actual fabrication of a material. It can be less expensive than prototyping. “Virtual” by nature is visual only. It can not be touched. It is an electronic illustrated file in CAD that can be photo real rendered and used […]
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C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design)

18 Jun 2009 R2FACT 0 Comment
R2FACT has diverse expertise and develop products with the ultimate goal of commercialization in mind. We work with Sales and Marketing so that the products are properly designed and engineered for the marketplace. Once a concept sketch and detail line drawings are signed off, we model in Solid Works. SW is the most recognized and […]
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16 May 2009 R2FACT 0 Comment
Will the product be licensed or sold directly?  Will it be made in the US or off-shore?  Will its features be basic or high end? Whichever the response, the product’s “perceived consumer value” must be in line with the suggested retail price (SRP). The SRP versus “costs of goods” (COGs) must meet or beat standard […]
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Industrial Design

14 Apr 2009 R2FACT 0 Comment
Industrial Design (ID) is many things yet it all depends on who you ask, what industry they are in and what country they are from. ID is the heart and brain of Product Development and Industrial Design, if done concurrently with the entire development process along with marketing and sales, will lead to the purest […]
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16 Feb 2009 R2FACT 0 Comment
Every product has competition. Whether direct or indirect competition is found or determined, all data will help allow us to define the problems associated with your product. Knowing all the competition will also help identify the solutions in the open spaces in the market prior to putting anything on paper or on computer. Even if […]
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Intellectual Property

15 Jan 2009 R2FACT 0 Comment
Infringing on another product must be avoided. If your Product Idea is found thru a Patent Search, yet you still want to continue, a Patent Infringement analysis may be recommended. See an attorney! The absolute worst scenario is that you spend thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a product and go to […]
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