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Product Development Focus: Portable Trainer

18 Nov 2013 Jeanne Bojarski 0 Comment
Here are some insights into how innovation transforms an idea into a finished product. What is it? Fit In Fitness Portable Trainer™ is a compact 3-in-1 fitness product: a rocker board that converts to a stepper platform and stand-alone wobble board for advanced balance training. The three parts support hundreds of full body exercises. The benefit? […]
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Supporting Stowers’ Vital Biomedical Research

04 Nov 2013 Jeanne Bojarski 0 Comment
Most of R2FACT’s clients are focused on bringing a product to market.  One of our repeat customers, the Stowers Institute for Biomedical Research, comes to us with a different agenda – helping scientists refine their ideas into tools that support the research process.  Since our first collaboration shortly after our founding, R2FACT has become the […]
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Matching Invention with Investment

14 Oct 2013 R2FACT 0 Comment
For the fourth year in a row the Missouri Tech Expo, attracting new technology entries from around the state, brought investors to a showcase of innovations and inventions. They were developed in university research departments such as plant and animal sciences, family and community medicine, comparative medicine, nuclear science and radiochemistry. The Expo, held on […]
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Employee Spotlight – Leonard Thompson

11 Aug 2013 R2FACT 0 Comment
 Leonard is a Senior Industrial Designer who has been with R2FACT for over three years. He has a degree in Industrial Design from Kansas State College in Pittsburg and studied Mechanical Engineering for two years at the University of Missouri at Rolla. He says his engineering background gives him an objective perspective on solving problems […]
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In LOWES® stores now – Garden Weasel Tools

04 Apr 2013 R2FACT 0 Comment
Garden Weasel launched five new Garden tools in LOWES® stores nationwide in March, 2013. The collaborative Team including R2FACT Product Development, Garden Weasel, Lundmark Advertising and the GW Factory in Taiwan, designed, engineered, prototyped and manufactured five new Garden tools. Four of the five Tools are now merchandised in a permanent Retail Fixture in over […]
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Winner of KU Product Design Contest Announced

13 Dec 2012 R2FACT 0 Comment
What can the next generation teach us about innovation? Perhaps a lot. Over the past three months, students at the University of Kansas have been digging in at their chance to become part of tomorrow’s cutting-edge product design. Eleven students studying design participated in an Innovation Competition to design a product for a real business. […]
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The Winning Product is…

02 Oct 2012 R2FACT 0 Comment
We hate to break it to you, but lots of people have great ideas. There are many facets to what makes a product a success. Does it fill a need? Does it come in at the right price point? Is it properly marketed? Does it captivate customers’ emotions? Arguably, one of the most important elements […]
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Don’t Let a Financial Drought Halt Innovation

25 Aug 2012 R2FACT 0 Comment
One of the biggest questions I get from current and potential customers is, “What do you think about my idea for a product in light of this suffering economy?” Yes – it’s true that we are living through the worst economic times since the 1930’s. But hard times don’t equate to bad times unless you […]
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KC ‘Entrepreneur Week’

19 Jun 2012 R2FACT 0 Comment
Every Friday during happy hour, ideas for over 800 innovations are conceived. Of these 800 ideas, 350 are drawn out on bar napkins. Of those 350 bar napkins adorned with cool new ideas, 200 wipe wing sauce off of mouths. Of the remaining 150, 20 get shoved into pockets. Of those 20 bar napkins with […]
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